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We are one of the leading companies in providing laser printer rental in Dubai, UAE and we are proud of the fact that we offer them at a very low cost! Without any investment we give you various brands of Printers without rental charges. Our competent team offers advice and gives you our customized proposals which will help you make a reliable decision in regards to your copying or printing requirements. We hope to provide you complete solutions, free of charge. We offer fantastic Rental Agreements with a base monthly rental charge.

"Our rental agreements are very competitive and include the following services in every package"

Rentals are on a month to month basis. There is no lock in period.
No hidden fees!

All of our rentals are fully maintained includes service and toner supplies. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Rentals include the specified number of copies per month (copies are not transferable from month to month).

Why Printone?

No Capital Outlay

Paying several thousand of rands for a copier or MFP is often not feasible for your business. With a rental agreement you can keep you cash flow under control. With the current economic climate many companies are choosing rental agreements for their office equipment which helps alleviate the risk and pressure of a large capital expense.

Fixed Costs

When signing a rental agreement for your office copier you will have a fixed monthly cost which can be assigned to a cost centre in your yearly budget. The rental agreement will more than likely include installation, maintenance and some kind of service agreement and even training for employees, keeping you capital expenditure to a minimum. Since you are aware of the exact amount you need to spend on the hired printer, you can better manage your overall expenses and keep your costs under control and enjoy better decision-making.

Ability to upgrade

A great benefit of a rental agreement for your office automation is your ability to upgrade your equipment as and when your printing requirements change. Over a 5 year period your business may grow and require a copier with greater functionality. With a rental agreement you can often upgrade to a more suitable device to meet these growing requirements. Your monthly cost may increase but you will not have the burden of trying to sell the old machine or trying to finance the new model.

Flexible lease periods

Will be able to offer you a flexible rental agreement between 12 and 60 months to meet your situation.


With this, you get to do your printing jobs for an agreed monthly fee that usually stays fixed for the entire term of the agreement. It is only if there are any modifications in your requirements that your fees may be changed.

Decreased TCO

Renting a machine is one of the many factors that can help you reduce the total ownership cost of your IT infrastructure.

See our Pricing

At-times you might not find it feasible to invest a huge amount of money on buying copiers and large MFDs, especially if the requirement is a short lived one. In such cases, spending a little amount of money for taking the right copier on rent in the best possible option. We provide printers on rent in Dubai. If you want to hire a printer or looking for a printer leasing service provider, consider us for your printer leasing requirement. Our printer rental solutions and charges are very nominal and helps you to save big on every page you print.

  • Basic
  • AED 500
  • Printer Model: Canon IR Black
  • Specification: Print/Copy/Scan
  • Speed: 20-25 PPM
  • Free Copies Black: 5000
  • Free Copies Color: N/A
  • Extra Copies per Black: 8 Fills
  • Extra Copies per Color: N/A
  • Toners: Unlimited Free Toners
  • Contact
  • Standard
  • AED 800
  • Printer Model: Canon IR Color
  • Specification: Print/Copy/Scan
  • Speed: 30-35 PPM
  • Free Copies Black: 3000
  • Free Copies Color: 800
  • Extra Copies per Black: 8 Fills
  • Extra Copies per Color: 50 Fills
  • Toners: Unlimited Free Toners
  • Contact
  • Advanced
  • AED 1000
  • Printer Model: Canon Color ADV
  • Specification: Print/Copy/Scan/Fax
  • Speed: 40-45 PPM
  • Free Copies Black: 3000
  • Free Copies Color: 1000
  • Extra Copies per Black: 8 Fills
  • Extra Copies per Color: 50 Fills
  • Toners: Unlimited Free Toners
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Printers & Copiers

Leasing Printers in Dubai will avoid the initial capital outlay required for outright printer purchase. Whilst the overall outlay is slightly more with a printer lease as opposed to simply buying a printer there are sound reasons to lease a printer as a method of finance especially when leasing is for office equipment such as an office printer or copier machine. We are one of the top copier and printer leasing companies in Dubai. We help further in familiarising with the various finance options and how leasing can be adapted to suit each business’ preference.

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